What is Quantum Field Tuning?. What can we do with it?.

You’ll feel the energy from the core of your self through this experience.
This technic was invented by Mr. Iwao Kazuo, who runs Haku-un acupuncture and beauty manipulative clinic for over 35 years.
Also based on the studies of kairos theory and chakra and chi.

Some symptoms are difficult to be eased by physical approach such as massage and acupressure.
But, quantum field tuning leads you to the right posture and the right way of walking naturally. Also adjusts organ position and releases stresses and strains of everyday life.

If you have a problem like.
Too much smoking. Over eating. Guilty feeling. Negative emotions. Negative thought that always sticks to your mind. Stiff neck and low back ache for long time.
These symptoms are likely caused by your posture and patterns of behavior.

How body loses balance?. *cause of mental failure.
Lost the balance of jaw joint.

Affection to neck, chest and waist.

Chain reaction to hip joint, pelvis and sacral bone.

Affects nervous system and causes hormon imbalance.

Aging. Problems of autonomic nervous system. Lowering vital energy.


Let us help you to reach healther condition.

Ease physicaly
Eaven if you have a bad symptom, right posture leads you to healther condition.
Quantum field tuning makes you aware of the problem(s) that causes your symptom(s).
By changing your self deeply from your own quantum field.
It makes your body structure balanced enough to avoid tension causes symptom(s).

You’ll be able to restructure your self and feel like reborn.
Let your self go toward for what you really are.
The vibration of quantum field tells your pattern and habit of thought and behavior, when they become recoginizable, they are already erasable.

Ease mentally
If you feel spoiling the life, If you always feel negative way.
Do not blame your self.
That is not about your personality, but the type of energy.

Take the process to be aware of what you are stuck in, and accept it to let it go.
Maybe you just feel heavy and dirk, and there seems no cause.
But there should be something that you hold on to unconsciously.
Quantum field tuning powerfully affects your subconsciousness through quantum field to make a change.


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